About Rusty Baits

Welcome to my site. My names Russ Brown and I've been designing baits for a few years now. I have always been on the search for affordable fishing supplies, especially since the prices have only been going up the past few years. This website is a collection of lures I have designed for myself with the ability to be 3d printed. I started on this journey about 7 years ago with making my own wooden baits, but I quickly realized that I was spending more time in the garage than actually fishing. I started designing baits, so I could be able to get them repeatable every time. 

Once I got used to making lures, I decided to branch out and start making top pour style bait molds. This opened up opportunities to start reusing/remelting old baits that had the tails ripped off into new baits. From there, I started with making injection molds and silicone master molds. This has only been possible with the advancements in 3d printing.