Custom Molds

We take pride in designing new baits. Whether it's lures, top pour, or injection, it doesn't matter, we design them all. we have a few options available for any one interested.

  • Injection Molds

    We specialize in the creation of bespoke injection molds tailored to your unique specifications. Whether you possess a 3D printer or not, our services include comprehensive design solutions. Additionally, we now provide 3D printing services coupled with efficient shipping options for your convenience.

  • Top open pour

    Whether you are just starting out or seeking a more streamlined method for bait production, open pouring may present a viable option. This technique eliminates the need for an injector—simply heat the material and pour it into the mold.

  • silicone molds

    If you are in search of a high-quality silicone mold negative, your search ends here. We specialize in designing and crafting silicone mold masters tailored to your specifications. With our service, all that remains is to add silicone to the master, resulting in a fully functional mold. This streamlined process allows you to replicate the mold as many times as necessary, ensuring you have the quantity required for your project.

  • 3d printed masters

    If you are contemplating a new lure design but prefer to avoid the intricacies of carving it out of wood, our services can be of assistance. We specialize in providing 3D printed master molds, offering a convenient alternative. Whether you wish to design your own mold or seek a custom-designed solution, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.

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